FSC Wooden Dog Crate Bed, Cese

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Wooden crate bed for dogs and cats made from FSC ash wood . It comes with an inner mattress bed included.

FSC wood
To create the drawer of this bed, we use ash wood that comes from controlled felling thanks to the control exercised by an external entity such as FSC. It has a natural finish with an oil protection treatment.

mattress bed
It also includes an easy-to-wash mattress bed that will make the interior space even more comfortable. The cover is made of a soft, liquid-repellent 100% polyester fabric. Filled with hollow silicone fiber.

Made in Europe
All the products in this collection are made in our workshop in Europe, thereby ensuring a lower carbon footprint.

Materials and measurements
Wood Ash FSC
Outside Measurement Box M : 46.8x36x16.5 cm (mattress: 43x32x3cm)
Outside Measurement Box L: 63.8x51x16.5cm (mattress: 60x48x3cm)

Clean the wooden support with a damp cloth and dry afterwards.
The mattress can be put in the washing machine.
This is an indoor product

The Cafide® Commitment
FSC wood
Made in Europe
100% Recycled
Recyclable Packaging
We donate 1% of your purchase to projects in defense of animals

Shipping costs included for orders over €39 in Europe
Worldwide Shipping
For any return contact hello@cafidepets.com


To help you find the best measure, here are some tips:

Measure the neck area and give one to two fingers of slack to find the perfect measurement. The final result must fit within one of the following forks

Measure Adjustable inner diameter necklace width
S from 20.3 to 30.5cm 1.9cm
M from 30.5 to 38cm 1.9cm
L from 38 to 45.7cm 2.5cm


Measure the neck area and the area behind the front legs and give one to two fingers of slack to find the perfect measurement. The final result must fit within one of the following forks

Measure Neck diameter Back Diameter Legs recommended breeds
XS from 21 to 28cm from 31 to 38cm
S from 25.5 to 35.5cm from 35.5 to 56cm Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pug, Boston Terrier
M from 30.5 to 45.5cm from 45.5 to 71cm Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Beagle, French Bulldog, Corgi
L from 40.5 to 53cm from 61 to 96.5cm Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Standard Poodle, Labrador Retriever


We have a strap measure with which different positions can be achieved.

Total distance (from carabiner to carabiner): 1.95m
First walking position (long): 1.67m
Second walking position (average): 1.22m
Third walking position (short): 1.05m
*All positions are achieved with the same product
*Being a handmade product, there may be a tolerance of +/- 10cm.


Do you have more doubts about the correct measure?
Contact us by sending an email to hello@cafidepets.com

Discover our FAQ's by clicking on this link.

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