Solidarity Dog Bandana, Greyhound

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Solidarity bandana for dogs or cats made of organic cotton designed and made by hand in Claudia's workshop in Barcelona.

The benefits of this product will go entirely to the NGO "Galgos 112".
You have more information about how your payment will be invested below and if you want to add an extra donation, you can do it through our platform or through its website.

Transparency: Price breakdown
Here's a summary of where your money will go:

Size M Size L
Costs in materials, manufacturing and design €7.50 €7.90 €8.20
Logistics and packaging costs €5.50 €5.50 €5.50
Donation €1.90 €2.50 €3.20
Cafide profit €0.00 €0.00 €0.00
PVP price (with 21% VAT) 14.90 15.90 16.90

*If there is no free order, the amount will be added to the donation.

The organization: "Galgos 112"
This is a non-profit organization born in Girona in 2008 with the mission of protecting the Spanish greyhound, a traditional breed of hunting dogs that suffers many abandonments during February, the month in which the hunts end.

The center is dedicated to their rescue, rehabilitation and relocation.
Therefore, with this donation we will be able to help this project, and those of you who are encouraged will be able to see more ways to help them through volunteering or foster care.

You have more information on their website:

Tax Identification of "Associacio Protectora de llebrers greyhounds1 112·
NIF: G17999384

Information for donations:
IBAN (Caixa Bank) ES10 2100 8104 2023 0005 3880

It is a square scarf that when folded is triangular.
S: 35x35cm | neck circumference in triangular fold of 47cm
M: 45x45cm | neck circumference in triangular fold of 62cm
55x55cm | neck circumference in triangular fold of 72cm

It is made by hand one by one, using artisan screen printing techniques.

1- The bandanas are cut one by one and finished on the side with an embellishing and protective stitching.
2- Printing is amplified through these screens manually.
3- Let it dry so that it permeates the tub well to the water.

4- It is prepared in a package and left ready to send.

100% organic cotton
ink to water

Hand wash with neutral soap and warm water. Avoid drying in a tumble dryer

The Cafide® Commitment
Product with 100% Organic fabric
100% recyclable
recyclable packaging
We donate 100% of the profits to projects in defense of animals

Shipping costs included for orders over €39
Shipments to Spain (excluding the Canary Islands)
For any return contact

To help you find the best measure, here are some tips:

Measure the neck area and give one to two fingers of slack to find the perfect measurement. The final result must fit within one of the following forks

Gala design:
S - Total length 1.9x35cm. Internal neck measurement: 20.3-30.5cm
M - Total length 1.9x45cm. Internal neck measurement: 30.5-38cm
L - Total length 2.5x55cm. Internal neck measurement: 38-45.7cm

Juno design:
S - Total length 2x35cm. Internal neck measurement: 23-35cm
M - Total length 2x45cm. Internal neck measurement: 27-45cm
L - Total length 2x60cm. Internal neck measurement: 34-60cm

Corda design:

XS - Total length 2.5x40cm. Internal neck measurement: 29-35cm
S - Total length 2.5x45cm. Internal neck measurement: 24-40cm
M - Total length 2.5x50cm. Internal neck measurement: 39-45cm
L - Total length 2.5x55cm. Internal neck measurement:

Measure the area of the neck and the area behind the front legs and give one to two fingers of slack to find the perfect measurement. The final result must fit within one of the following forks

Gala design:

Measure Neck diameter Back Diameter Legs recommended breeds
XS from 21 to 28cm from 31 to 38cm
S from 25.5 to 35.5cm from 35.5 to 56cm Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pug, Boston Terrier
M from 30.5 to 45.5cm from 45.5 to 71cm Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Beagle, French Bulldog, Corgi
L from 40.5 to 53cm from 61 to 96.5cm Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Standard Poodle, Labrador Retriever



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Contact us by sending an email to

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