Adventures with Paula and Blue

For those of you who have a pet, surely you already know that Paula's duo with her Poodle Blue is one of the couples that leave the most tips and advice on the networks and they teach us the super active life that we can have with our dogs.

Paula with a toy poodle

Paula, where does this adventurous spirit come from?

Since I was very little I have been very restless, I think that this curiosity to know and learn has accompanied me throughout my 26 years.
In addition, the love for nature is something that encourages me even more to discover every corner of the world.

Have you always had a pet or did you start the adventure of having a dog with Blue?

I have always had pets, from a very young age in Asturias I shared the love for animals with my grandfather. He even had a goat lol .
But Blue has been my first animal and my first responsibility.

How did Blue come into your lives?

Well, Blue arrived at the best moment of my life and at the same time in one of the most complicated. 4 years ago the adventurous spirit (pun intended) made me move to Madrid. I needed a life change and start building a professional future. All my family and friends were in Asturias and it was inevitable not to feel alone at times. And of course I really missed the sea and my connection with Asturias.

When I finally found job and personal stability, I decided it was time to start sharing my life with a furry friend and Blue came along. Since then I have not felt alone again. It literally revolutionized my life and taught me how to live life to the fullest.

Toy poodle with a Gala harness and leash set by Cafide

We know what you got with a Gala walking outfit a while ago, now that it's been a while, how has the experience been? Do you recommend it?

Well, I'm delighted, especially for the comfort of the set . The multi-position strap is essential on our walks and the material is perfect for all the "jogs" it takes. We pass a water and it is new.

With us you chose the Violet color with the Gala outfit, but what colors go best with Blue and her fur?

The Violet color, in addition to being a color that is in trend, is a color that makes me very happy and fits with Blue's dynamic character.
Actually Blue is lucky that his redhead goes with all colors, but as his name suggests, my favorite color for him is Blue.

Paula with her toy poodle and Cafide product on the beach

We see that you are critical of dog owners, do you think we should be more careful with the spaces designated for our pets?

I believe that it is our responsibility not only to fight and demand a more inclusive world with our pets, but also to take care of it. Little by little we are making small progress, but if we do not take care of the spaces that are dedicated to us, we will not advance in our objective.

It is within each one of us to care for and respect nature and above all to be responsible for everything that our pets cause, in order to leave the space as we have found it for those who come after it.

How did the whole instagram project with Blue start and how has the experience been?

I have always been passionate about photography and since Blue came into my life even more. Also, little by little we learned and discovered many things together, Dogfriendly restaurants, cool parks ... And I didn't want anyone to miss it. So I started sharing it and little by little my adventurous family grew.

Toy poodle in bed

What do you enjoy most telling on Instagram? (Travel, product tips ,… )

What I like to share the most on instagram is the topic of travel. I love showing that it is possible to travel with a dog and that we should not deprive ourselves of adventures with them. It is not easy, you have to plan your trips differently. Look in advance for Accommodations and on many occasions use adequate means of transport for each dog.
But it's amazing to see how they enjoy sniffing out new sites and sharing that experience with them.

Who has more accessories, you or Blue? May we know how many ride sets Blue already has?

Of course Blue, he beats me by a landslide. I am very minimalist in my life in general and I have the essentials.
Blue, on the other hand, has managed to monopolize my closet. Even so, I don't tend to accumulate things, I try to donate as much as possible and in this way give them a new life with furry ones who will enjoy it a lot .

If you had to choose a city or town in Spain, where have you had the easiest time moving around with a pet?

Both Madrid and Gijón (My city), I think they are very inclusive cities with dogs. There is a wide range of accommodation and restaurants. Also in Gijón we have an exclusive beach for them and in the autumn and winter seasons dogs can access almost all the beaches.
It is incredible how many puppies you can find one afternoon in Gijón.

You know that we are working to launch new 100% sustainable products for Cafide , what would you like the next innovation to be?

I love your sustainable initiatives, you are very necessary and we increasingly have to bet more on brands that take into account issues as important as the needs of future generations. In the end it is a bit what I was commenting before on a large scale. It is important to think about the world we left behind.

I think it would be great to launch toys that reduce plastic. I am surprised by the amount of plastic that moves the animal world.

For us, the goal of being a brand for activist dogs is a motto that we have pursued since day one. What has been your most activist action this year?

I don't think I would highlight any specific action, but small gestures in our day to day. I am a lot of reuse and bet on the world of the second hand. Most of the things I have are reused or bought for a second use. I avoid throwing away as little as possible and buying for the sake of buying. As they would say at school ... It is important to make use of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)!

Thank you very much for your time and for letting us discover more about Blue and your environment. See you on the networks and remember: Stay Pawsitive.

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