What is FSC wood?

Today we want to talk more about materials and how we can promote more ethical consumption with them.

When we are looking for items for our pets, it is very important to understand the origin of these materials, to ensure that their extraction and use have been done correctly.

Today, at Cafide we have handmade ceramics from Portugal that are highly recyclable, plastics made from the waste generated from corn plants, or fabrics created anew based on PET plastic bottles. that have been reintroduced into the consumer market.

There are many ways to detect environmentally positive materials, but one of the most common is usually wood products. Many of them come from tropical countries and their felling has not been done in a responsible way and may have damaged the environment in which they are found. The cases of desertification to which large natural areas such as the Amazon have been subjected are already famous. If you see mango, acacia or teak wood, these usually originate from tropical countries like Indonesia.

How can I make sure that it is a sustainable wood?
Most of us do not have the knowledge to detect that a wood, when receiving a product, is exotic or of native origin. And something that is already 100% undetectable with the naked eye is knowing if its felling has been controlled.

For this, there are public organizations, such as FLEGT , or private, such as FSC , which are dedicated to controlling what is called the chain of custody. Teams from these organizations check that the area where these trees are grown does not affect the destabilization of the environment and that these trees are replanted periodically. In addition, generating a system of codes that help trace the path that the wood follows, from the time it is cut and prepared until it is processed in the workshop. To find out if a product has a sustainable felling, you must check that the brand that sells it puts it in its characteristics and you can even request the certificate.
In our case, you will be able to see all the products that use FSC wood, which have these acronyms in their title and description and we explain their meaning in detail. For example, in our FSC Wooden Dog Feeder, " Yum" where you have all its description.

Is the origin important?
It is a resounding yes. Once you know that its felling is legal, you must understand if the species of wood that has been used is close to your area. In our case, we use pine and birch wood that are very common in parts of Europe due to the low need for humidity. This type of wood is fast growing, so its breeding is more sustainable. For example, we use solid pine for our " Yum " feeder or birch veneer for our " Homy " dog house .

Why buy wood?
It is one of the most grateful materials, since it is easy to repair and that will help us to extend the life of the product. It also has a tone that is easy to combine with all kinds of home accessories and its texture and appearance is very warm as well as having a pleasant texture and it is not cold like metal or ceramic.

So from now on, be sure to check that every wooden product you buy, from a photo frame to a dog bed, is made from FSC wood to promote responsible and ethical consumption.

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