World Greyhound Day

World Greyhound Day is celebrated on February 1 to raise awareness of the importance of protecting this breed of dog and working towards a future where they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Many greyhounds are mistreated or abandoned and this day is used to call attention to this situation and to support organizations that work to improve their quality of life.

When are more greyhounds abandoned in Spain?

In Spain, greyhounds are more often abandoned after the hunting season, which is usually in January. During this season, many owners discard their greyhounds if they have not proven effective enough as hunting dogs. In addition, there is also an increase in greyhound abandonment during the summer months, when many people go on holiday and leave their pets behind. For this reason, February 1 has been chosen as World Greyhound Day to raise awareness about this problem and to help protect these animals.

There are many dog ​​breeds that suffer from neglect and abuse around the world. Some of the most affected breeds include:

1. Greyhounds – As I mentioned earlier, Greyhounds are one of the most abandoned dog breeds, especially after hunting season.

2. Pit Bulls: Despite being known for their loyalty and affability, Pit Bulls are one of the most abused and neglected breeds due to negative stereotypes about their aggressiveness.

3. German Shepherd: This breed is commonly abandoned when owners find that it requires more time and effort than they expected.

4. Boxer – Boxers are known to be very active and need a lot of attention and exercise, which is why they are often abandoned by owners who are not prepared to meet their needs.

5. Labrador Retriever – The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds, but it is also one of the most abandoned. Many people buy these dogs without understanding the responsibilities that come with owning a pet.

It is important to note that neglect and mistreatment of any breed of dog is a serious problem and must be addressed through education and awareness of the responsibility of pet ownership.

How I can help?

There are several ways you can help protect abandoned and abused dogs:

1. Adopt instead of buy: Consider adopting a dog instead of buying one from a breeder. There are many dogs in shelters and rescue organizations looking for a loving home.

2. Support rescue organizations: You can make a donation to organizations that work to protect abandoned and abused dogs, or consider volunteering to help their efforts.

3. Spread Awareness: Talk about the issue of dog neglect and abuse with friends and family, and share information on how they can help.

4. Report animal abuse: If you see a dog that is being mistreated, report it to local authorities or an animal protection organization.

5. Be a good pet owner: If you have a dog, make sure you give it the care and love it needs to lead a healthy and happy life.

Remember that every action, however small, can help protect abandoned and abused dogs and work towards a more positive future for them.

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Bonjour il y a la même chose en France pour adopter un lévrier car mon lévrier nous à quitté il y a 1 ans comment puis-je faire pour avoir un lévrier à l’adoption merci pour votre réponse cordialement ma vergniault

Vergniault October 17, 2023

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