Who are Galgos112?

Today we immerse ourselves in the world of Galgos112 , a non-profit organization born in April 2008 with the aim of helping greyhounds , greyhounds and hounds.
Cafide has decided to collaborate with them, launching a collection of solidarity bandanas designed by the Pacific studio, with the idea of ​​donating 100% of the profits from the project to the recovery and reintegration of Spanish Greyhounds.
And why is this type of action important? Because during the month of February these breeds suffer a massive abandonment due to the end of the hunting season.

Today we speak with one of its founders, Esther, who opens the doors of the project for us and explains more about her day to day.

How did the idea of ​​creating Galgos 112 come about?

16 years ago some friends saw the mistreatment suffered by greyhounds and podencos and we decided to do our bit to try to change their lives

Since the beginning of the project, how many greyhounds have been helped by Galgos112 ?
We have been able to help a total of 5,000 dogs since we started the Galgos 112 project.

What makes you focus so much on Greyhounds?

In non-galgo areas, such as Catalonia, it was a little-known breed, just like the hounds, and we decided to focus there, since they are one of the most mistreated breeds.

On average, how long does it take you to recover and find a Greyhound again?

It is difficult to quantify, since every day we receive many requests for help, but it is impossible for us to reach everyone, because we do not have enough space in the shelter and the foster families are overwhelmed.
Apart from the fact that we have very badly injured dogs with major trauma interventions or parasitic diseases that make recoveries longer and very expensive.

So it depends a lot on each case and each greyhound.

How can the Cafide community help you in your project?

Making this wonderful breed known as pets and family, and thus banishing the myth that they need to run. What they need is a family that cares for them and loves them as one more member.
Apart from being able to afford so many veterinary treatments with the donations of the solidarity bandanas .

For those who are still hesitating between buying or adopting, what can we say to convince them?

Never buy, the protectors and kennels are full of wonderful beings who feel and suffer who need a family that loves them.

And finally, what are the objectives for this 2023?

The setback in approving this new ANIMAL DISPROTECTION law makes our work for these animals very difficult and leaves hunting dogs and those of us who help them sold. It is a real shame what they have done.
This is how we finished an interview that has helped us bring a reality closer to all of you that we must all change. By adopting and supporting more organizations, we can little by little make the reality for greyhounds in Spain change once and for all.

So join the movement of activist dogs.
See you on the networks.

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