The universe of Sara Domenech and Thor

A few months ago in the Cafide team we discovered Sara Domenech, and it was an instant "crush". She has a very multifaceted profile, from her most fashionable side or makeup tips to taking us to her most mystical world.

I think we all fell in love with his most natural part when it comes to communicating through his networks, but above all, we fell in love with Thor and the super team that you make.

Sara Domenech con perro pastor alemán

Let's start with the questions! 

What are your future projects?

On a professional level, I am moving towards mindful-holistic mentor-coaching. With my studies and my own experience I have learned many tools that have helped me and are helping me to live in greater fullness and well-being, so sharing it is something that fills me :) 

I have other project ideas, but at the moment it's all fictitious... So I'll keep it to myself for now <3. 

Let's talk fashion. In your outfits, do you take into account Thor's accessories to make a perfect match?

The truth is that I think it's something super fun, but I don't do it. I try to live as sustainable a lifestyle as possible and only have the "necessary" things. 

That's why I choose a nice and versatile chest-strap, which combines with everything, for example Thor's chest and strap are grises and they always look good with my outfits. 

In my wardrobe the range of colors that predominate are white, cream, grey, black and mint. I always tend to choose colors that can be combined with each other and I like to play with this mix, I feel that it defines me a lot. And since Thor is my dog-son, I dress him like me. haha

What essential colors do you recommend for the summer season?

I see a lot of fuchsias and oranges. Although my heart will always be in the green and in the blue<3

From the first minute we had a super crush with Thor, we explained more about him. How did I come into your life?

Aix… Well, in September he will be one of the family for 6 years. Before it arrived, I perfectly remember going with my mother to buy her little things, I can feel the emotion! We so wanted him to be with us. We had always heard that Labradors are very family dogs, meek, intelligent, noble... When we felt that it was time and that we could address the responsibilities that having a dog entails, we started looking... A few days later we found a family of Labradors to adopt and they brought it to us. We had to wait a bit but when it arrived, our lives changed for the better <3 Cuando lo vi por primera vez, me lo pusieron en los brazos y era una bolita de pelo chiquitina, me emocioné tanto…

Conjunto Arnés Violeta Gala Pastor Alemán

It's been a while since you got one Gala tour pack for Thor, tell us about your experience.

What I like most about cafidepets are its values, such as sustainable and conscious production. In addition, the minimalist style in their designs identifies me a lot and that is why I opted for this beautiful pack.

I had many doubts about whether to take the negro or the lila. Finally I opted for lilac, it is very pretty, I chose it because it is a different and striking color. Spring was beginning and I felt that those colors would convey the time of year we were in. In addition, bright colors are a trend! 

Even so, I have mixed feelings and I don't know if it would have been a better idea to choose her in black or in gray, It would have been more versatile and would have combined better with my looks :)

What is your perfect plan with Thor?

Ugh, if I think about him, I know that he is immensely happy wherever there is water haha, so whenever I have time I try to escape with him to the beach, or wherever he can take a dip, especially now in summer. 

And thinking of my perfect plan… Well, I love going into the forest with him and taking a good walk through nature.

He is very happy going to the beach and the mountains. In fact, you tell him and he understands… come on… 100%!!!

Astrología Con Perro Sara Domenech

We love your most mystical side, and as an expert, do you believe in astrology for dogs? Has it helped you in your relationship with Thor?

Wow, this question freaks me out. Hahaha, well yes. The truth is that a couple of years ago I looked at Thor's letter and saw many things reflected in his personality. For example, he is ultra-sociable. He always greets everyone, he cuddles up, wags his tail and is super affectionate, he does not seek conflict, he is super peaceful, when there is a fight between dogs he tries to deal with it so that there is no violence... haha well he is a Libra, he was born on 29 September and it shows a lot in his character, he is charming. I have always surrounded myself with pounds and that he was too made me very excited. He has the Moon in Pisces, he is super emotional, sensitive, loving and by sharing this energy (I have the Sun in Pisces) I feel that I have an even deeper and more unconditional connection with him. 

So, yes, of course I believe in astrology for dogs. I believe in energy and I believe in the influence of the stars on us. If we apply it to ourselves, we can also do it with pets!

You know that we are working to launch new 100% sustainable products for Cafide, what would you like the next novelty to be?

I know something! I would love a tracksuit for them in the face of winter, something of the rollete, following the minimalist style of the harnesses. 

And personally, a rug would be great for her area at home. It drinks water and it soaks the whole floor hahaha, because I don't know if there would be any alternative with this!

For us, the goal of being a brand for activist dogs is a motto that we have pursued since day one. What has been your most activist action this year?

I couldn't stay with one in particular haha, in general I try to be the most respectful with the environment, I have a lot integrated and automated in my day to day and I try to promote it through RRSS and above all I try to expand awareness in the people of my closest circle. 

I could say that I have moved to a sustainable building that works with solar panels, and that was one of the things that I liked the most when coming here; where I am. 


Thank you very much for the interview Sara and Thor. We have loved your fashion tips and how astrology can help us in our relationship with our pets. See you on the nets :)

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