Brown Vegan Leather Strap, Corda

SKU: LEA0223M34


Handmade strap in our workshop in Italy with vegan leather and manual braiding. We have designed this collar to achieve a high quality product that is an alternative to animal products on the market and to demonstrate that there are alternatives to these products.

Vegan Leather
This necklace contains vegan leather elements designed by the Cafide team. 60% of its composition is of vegetable origin that, in combination with other materials, simulates the touch and resistance of leather, but without the need to kill any animal.

Made in Italy

Thanks to the knowledge of our workshop in Italy, we can apply traditional leather treatment techniques to state-of-the-art materials that fight against animal abuse.

Total length 2.5x110cm

High Durability
Our goal of fighting for a better planet is to introduce products into our environment that are more respectful and have a high level of quality in order to improve their durability and lengthen their return to the recycling cycle.

Hand-braided polypropylene tape with a resistance of 2800Kg
Vegan Leather: 40% Vegetable Origin, 20% GOTS® Organic Cotton, 40% PVC. Thickness of 650 gr/m2
Carabiner and metal rings

Hand wash with neutral soap and warm water. Do not use a dryer or washing machine and let it dry in the open air.

The Cafide® Commitment
Vegan Leather Product
Made in Europe
100% recyclable
recyclable packaging
We donate 1% of your purchase to projects in defense of animals

To help you find the best measure, here are some tips:

Measure the neck area and give one to two fingers of slack to find the perfect measurement. The final result must fit within one of the following forks

Gala design:
S - Total length 1.9x35cm. Internal neck measurement: 20.3-30.5cm
M - Total length 1.9x45cm. Internal neck measurement: 30.5-38cm
L - Total length 2.5x55cm. Internal neck measurement: 38-45.7cm

Juno design:
S - Total length 2x35cm. Internal neck measurement: 23-35cm
M - Total length 2x45cm. Internal neck measurement: 27-45cm
L - Total length 2x60cm. Internal neck measurement: 34-60cm

Corda design:

XS - Total length 2.5x40cm. Internal neck measurement: 29-35cm
S - Total length 2.5x45cm. Internal neck measurement: 24-40cm
M - Total length 2.5x50cm. Internal neck measurement: 39-45cm
L - Total length 2.5x55cm. Internal neck measurement:

Measure the area of the neck and the area behind the front legs and give one to two fingers of slack to find the perfect measurement. The final result must fit within one of the following forks

Gala design:

Measure Neck diameter Back Diameter Legs recommended breeds
XS from 21 to 28cm from 31 to 38cm
S from 25.5 to 35.5cm from 35.5 to 56cm Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pug, Boston Terrier
M from 30.5 to 45.5cm from 45.5 to 71cm Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Beagle, French Bulldog, Corgi
L from 40.5 to 53cm from 61 to 96.5cm Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Standard Poodle, Labrador Retriever



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