How much is a dog bed worth?

This is one of the most common questions to ask when you have a dog, since it often gives us the impression that it is one of the most expensive pet items, but here we will teach you to understand if it is fair what you are paying for and you can test us with our collection of beds.

The tissue:
It is the most important part of a bed to lower the price of it a lot and it is where brands that make low quality products usually skimp. You should pay attention to aspects such as:

- Grammar:
It is the thickness of the fabric. The bigger it is, the more resistant it is. For example, a fabric of a cloth shopping bag is usually low, that of a sofa is usually higher. Between 350 and 600 is recommended. In beds like the Snozy we have 580gr/m2.

- Abrasion resistance:
It is an important aspect to take into account, since
is the ability of the surface to resist tissue wear over time. It should be above 50,000

- Tensile strength:
This measurement is useful to detect if a tissue is prepared for the tension it can be subjected to in a dog bite. More than 1000N is a good measure.

- Resistance to pilling:
Finally, this is important since this will tell us if the fabric will pill over time or not. If it has 4, it means that it will not pill, if it is lower it can pill over time. 


sustainable materials:
Today, there are few brands of pet accessories that they have ethical products in its catalog as it happens in fashion or other sectors. But it is important that we demand these design policies from brands, since we must have a greener mentality in all aspects. Always check that these marks have any manifesto where they explain well if their products are sustainable. 

Is it removable?
This is a question that we should always ask ourselves, since this will greatly affect their lifespan and it is important that we maintain good hygiene in our pets' environment, to avoid infections and unnecessary visits to the veterinarian.

The filling:
This can be a differentiating factor in terms of comfort, but it does not always mean that a more expensive padding is the best, it simply must be the most suitable. You can find out more about how to choose a bed for your dog in the linked article.

The size:
So, of the beds in price ranges from €25 to €60, they are usually an unreliable option, where you will find a low-quality fabric and an unpleasant padding, which will mean that you will have to change it shortly for another of greater quality. quality because your dog does not accept it or because it has destroyed it. 

We always recommend investing a little more in a quality bed that can have a longer useful life, in which our pet feels comfortable and can be infatuated with it.

So as we always say, the best way to make a product sustainable is to take as long as possible to get rid of it.

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