¿Quienes son Galgos112?

Who are Galgos112?

Today we immerse ourselves in the world of Galgos112 , a non-profit organization born in April 2008 with the aim of helping greyhounds , greyhounds...

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Día Mundial del Galgo

World Greyhound Day

World Greyhound Day is celebrated on February 1 to raise awareness of the importance of protecting this breed of dog and working towards a future w...

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Galletas para perro caseras

Homemade dog biscuits

Today we talk about dogs and cookies . Do you want to make homemade dog biscuits ? Do not look any further! In this article we present three delici...

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¿Por qué los perros lamen los pies?

Why do dogs lick feet?

Dogs Will Lick Their Owners' Feet For These 5 Reasons Introduction: What is a lick and why do dogs do it? Dogs are not only man's best friends,...

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¿Qué es la madera FSC?

What is FSC wood?

"When we are looking for items for our pets, it is very important to understand the origin of these materials"

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