The 1% company

This is one of the brand proposals that we are most proud of. We are going to allocate 1%* of your purchases to projects in defense of animals.

We have a long list of organizations that we would like to be part of and contribute our grain of sand that cover areas such as adoptions or the defense of animal rights to the recovery of animals that have suffered abuse.

There is still a lot of work to do and we want to be an active part of this change.

*1% will be calculated at the end of each Cafide annual closing period based on the company's net profit. The actions carried out with this money will be public and registered on our website.

Vegan Friendly

We believe that defining ourselves as a vegan brand is an essential part of branding. We work for our pets, our animals, and we must have an attitude of zero tolerance towards the mistreatment and sacrifice of animals to obtain food or raw materials.

For us, it makes no sense to sacrifice an animal to get leather and make a dog leash, it goes against the logic of the brand.

In all the products that we release in the future, this will be one of our mantras, and you will see it present both in "cruelty free" cosmetic products and in pet accessories that do not use animal materials.

The quality

And to finish we have the last proposal, and we believe that it is one of those that can have the greatest impact. When we design a product from scratch, we always keep in mind to be able to provide high quality so that it lasts as long as possible and that way you do not have to be buying a replacement every two times three.

It is one of the most complex aspects of our work since fighting to find good quality and maintain a price that makes our products accessible is quite complex, but we believe that we are achieving them.

Throughout this process, we understand design as one of the great tools that will help us achieve this goal.