work easy

We are still a small brand and we want to do things with time and knowing that we are 100% convinced that what we offer is the best we can give of ourselves.

The advantage of being small is that you mark the tempos and you can dedicate time to what is really worthwhile.

We carefully choose each of our materials so that they fulfill their best function and, above all, we can create products that last a long time, the best way to fight for sustainable purchasing.

work ethically

It is in our DNA to find products designed for them, our pets and we believe that every animal is an activist by nature.

This is why we work from different areas so that these are sustainable with the planet.

Quality is our best weapon against the programmed obsolescence of objects and here we put a lot of effort.

In our packaging we try to make 100% of the materials sustainable using FSC Mix cardboard and paper, which assures us that the cellulose comes from controlled logging forests.

And the part that makes us most excited, we donate 1% of our profit* to social causes that improve the lives of animals.

work in style

Another of our brand mantras is style. Because we believe that design should be accessible to everyone, we think of pieces that can make the perfect match with your look.

We are flirty and we know our pets are too, so we work hard to bring products that represent us and our community.